Our Management Philosophy




SPM Group, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Carlos Arteaga and Raul Aguilera. Carlos and Raul have served as President and Vice-President, respectively, since its inception.

SPM Group, Inc. was founded in 1990 . Its founders are Carlos Arteaga and Raul Aguilera and remained active as directors of the SPM Group, Inc. Under their direction went from managing six (6) communitiy associations to over 70 with more than 5, 000 units. Incidentally SPM still manages those six (6) condominium associations that it started with. Mr. Arteaga also serves as Executive Director and Human Resources Manager. These two positions work hand-in-hand to promote the company's growth and integrity. As Executive Director, Carlos is responsible for investigating each association, contacting its Board of Directors, and preparing presentations for prospective clients. Making sure thatthe employees have been working for the company for more than 10 years; another 30 percent of the employees have been employed for more than four (4) years. This goes to show that when an individual is hired to work at SPM, not only are that individual's experiences important, so is that individual's work ethics and ability to adapt to the company's changing environment and expansion. SPM's growth over the past decade is not only due to Mr. Arteaga's relentless efforts and hard work, it is also due in large part to his partner, Raul Aguilera.

As Vice-President, Raul is head of the Management Team and is Chief Operating Officer. As head of SPM's Management Team, Raul Aguilera is responsible for ensuring that the Management Team is working to meet the requirements of their clients and the unit owners in each of the associations. This includes, but is not limited to, holding monthly meetings with each individual manager to brainstorm and discuss possible solutions to problems that are facing each community. Once again, these two positions work together to ensure that SPM functions smoothly and exceeds the client's expectations. As Chief Operating Officer Raul Aguilera is responsible for the employees as a whole; by making sure that all calls are returned, all reports prepared by the required deadlines, and that each individual owner's needs are addressed.

Due to their relentless efforts, SPM continues to grow by maintaining its current clients and acquiring new ones. It is due to their professionalism and dedication, more than half of their employees have been with them since the beginning. At SPM, it feels more like family than co-workers. This environment creates a pleasant working atmosphere, which in turns improves productivity and ensures that our client's needs are met.