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Solutions Property Management has been in business since 1990. We manage more than 70 communities association with more than 10,000 units.  We are a solid organization, with excellent knowledge of the community management area.

The company was found by Mr. Arteaga as an Executive Director and Mr. Aguilera as Vice-President. Mr. Arteaga is in charge of all the operations of the organization and Mr. Aguilera lead the Management Team. He is responsible that this team meet all the requirements of each client and the association we represent.

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Our Goal is to implement the decisions of the board of directors and to administer the service, programs and operations of the Community Association within the policies and guidelines established by the board of directors.

Management Duties

The manager will collect, organize and maintain in the Management office, all Association Information, including but not limited to the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Declaration of Covenants, conditions and restrictions…

Assistance to the Board

Tha manager will provide Administrative Support Services to the Board of Directors, by notifying the Community of all Board of Directors Meetings, circulating minutes of the preceding meetings…

More with Less

Our extensive experience allows you to access our resources to remedy whatever need you may have.

We use the best practices to guarantee the best results with minimal effort.

It’s About Trust

We service more than 10,000 units with over 25 years of experience providing our services.
The facts speak for themselves…….

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